Thursday, March 19, 2015


Sunglasses. Floppy hats. Oversized beach totes. These are just a few of the things that pop into our mind when we think of spring break. Yes, they're all fashion related!

We hope you have somewhere warm to go, because we've just made your shopping a whole lot easier. These accessories are perfect for a beach getaway, where your biggest worry is what you'll be drinking. And how you're going to fit us into your luggage.

1. Sovay Wedges ($90.00) - Dolce Vita, 2. Forestbound Escape Tote Bag ($100.00) - Urban Outfitters, 3. Piper ($95.00+) - Warby Parker, 4. Straw Floppy Hate with Coin Trim ($33.00) - ASOS5. Zahra Metallic Tattoos ($22.00) - Moorea Seal, 6. Classic Panama Hat ($7.00 - On Sale!) - Forever 21, 7. Fever Aviator ($20.00) - Free People, 8. Cause a Stir Francis ($198.00) - Kate Spade, 9. The Lana Knotted Sandal in Suede ($108.00) - Madewell.

What are your spring break plans?

Jess & Jill

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